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I am a full stack developer with marketing chops, I have seen several products from conception to launch and I particularly enjoy getting from 0 to initial traction.

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A service that you can use to automatically give discounts based on your customer's purchasing power calculated using the Big Mac Index https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Mac_Index I have often given discounts in the past to potential customers from countries with starkly lower purchasing power. $29 in India buy you a whole lot more than in San Francisco. This fact is captured by the big mac index. Startups can start pricing their products in big macs and take advantage of basic price discrimination that is built into location based business by default. It is both fairer to customers from countries with lower purchasing power compared to the dollar and has the potential to increase revenue by capturing a market that would otherwise not buy. The MVP would consist of a javascript snippet to apply the discount in the front end and a stripe plugin to synchronize the discount with the payment backend.

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