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San Diego entrepreneur and developer. Probably too busy to have any business entering a hackathon right now, but curiosity and my love of side projects got the better of me. Extremely interested in AI, although I have limited experience developing AI programs so far.

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Option A. Allow users to upload classification data for images to determine if future images are a type of one of the classes they have created. For an MVP it would connect to IFTT allowing non-coders to get some hands on AI experience and maybe even automate something useful. Option B. (only if you're in San Diego or nearby) - There used to be this business in Orange County where I grew up called "Drunk Rescue" that would drive people home in their own cars after they had been drinking to eliminate the need for a designated driver. They went out of business, I think due to just running it badly and the need for two drivers for a pickup/dropoff, but this was before Uber. SD is definitely a drinking town and I think a service like this would be insanely popular. Not entirely sure I want to drive drunks around at 2am, but I know there's a market for it, and Uber pays very little here due to the extremely high number of drivers (san diego has lots of young people with kind of weak job growth and high cost of living so people like side gigs). Might be fun to put together a landing page and do some validation on the idea. MVP would be San Diego only and creating a platform to book a driver ahead of time.

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