I aspire to be a key player in the International Business and entrepreneurship realm. Upon completing undergrad from Howard University, I obtained an Msc in international business and entrepreneurship to increase my capacity and acquire the skillset to start my own startup venture. After gaining valuable work experience within investment banking, supply chain & procurement, and risk management my objectives encompass establishing a multi faceted tech firm aimed at resolving issues millenials and post-millenials encounter.

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My company Znabit is developing a digital archive to help users sync and save their social media footprint by preserving them privately before deleting publicly. Once archived, Znabit will collect all of the interactions associated with the post so that users can privately reminisce and reflect on posts they no longer want the public to view, in a centralised location. It is important to have a platform which expresses the value of preserving your digital presence in era that's constantly pressuring us to post more.

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