John Wang


Aloha! 👋 This is John from Taiwan.🇹🇼 I’m currently a solopreneur and have touched a bit of everything, frontend programming, UX research, digital marketing, you name it. Here are the recent projects that I’ve been working on (They are both in Chinese, but you’ll get the idea 😉): Internlens, the Glassdoor for internship. WorldWideWork, a travel program design for Asian digital nomads.

I Do
Web Development Marketing Growth Community Writing / Copy Product Management


I’ve got something in mind but I’m also open to all cool ideas. I’m a huge fan of movies(who isn’t?), but sometimes, it’s hard to find someone going to the theater together, and I don’t feel comfortable going watch movie alone. So, I would love to build a service that enables you to go out and watch movies with new friends. It can be a web app or a mobile app or a chatbot, still thinking the best form of it.

Seeking People Who Do
Web Design Mobile Design IOS Development Android Development Growth Community Bot Development