Kelwyn Looi


I’m Kelwyn from London, England! Currently I work at Pearson (the education company), where I lead on so-called “Special-Projects”, namely looking into Employability, Skills and the Future of Jobs, and where we have a commercial opportunity to play in that space. I’m an ex Investment Banker (M&A at Rothschild) and used to work for Manchester United (the football team). My motivation for making / collaborating and learning from cool people like yourselves is to better build my digital footprint in order to become a more authentic leader, but first and foremost to solve problems that I’ve personally had or simply for fun.

I Do


1. Education: open access to high-quality educational tools and content to communities that need them the most. This could come from underused sources like government documents, business publications etc or more traditional ones familiar to this community. Reverse mentoring, reskilling and supporting opportunities for Gen Z are also of interest. 2. Social Impact: particularly keen on tools to support with government and / or large corporate transparency, accountability and provenance, particularly those with opaque supply chains (i.e. not FMCG). Anything SDG related is also up my street. 3. Random: anything that is fun, creative and out of the box. I'd put my own sideproject in that category!

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