Ryan Troll

Cofounder @ ProductMaven


Cofounder @ ProductMaven - on a mission to enable our customers to run 1M experiments on our platform called Prove. Current side projects are Product Genome, Product.fm, Spendify and LinkedInLocal.

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I would love to engage this community in my social impact project, Spendify. Here is a link to our current smoke test: Spendify.co. Concept: (1) map the social impact footprint for all major consumer and digital brands using existing, observed and crowd sourced data and then (2) using these insights to enable consumers to be able see the impact of their daily spending decisions so they can feel empowered to make an impact through altering their spending habits. Example use case: Spendify scores a business based on a gender employment equality index. A user who selects gender equality as one of their supported causes would be able to see this impact as they are making the decision to buy from company A versus company B.

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