Tomasz Mochol

Developer, TotalSheets


I'm a civil & structural engineer and startup enthusiast with some programming skills in web application development (JavaScript, PHP, css, html). I'm seeking a cofounder or cofounders (both technical and non-technical) for my project TotalSheets.

I Do
Product Management Web Design Web Development


TotalSheets is an online spreadsheet platform opened to all users. The idea is similar to Google sheets, but my intention is to provide a possibility to easily share user's spreadsheets with others. The published spreadsheet has no edit toolbar, row/column headers or grid lines, but the owner of that spreadsheet can allow to change values in selected cells. This way the spreadsheet can be treated as a web application and can be attached to any other page. The access to the spreadsheet can be limited to selected visitors or it can be accessed by all public. No more requests to the owner for access will be required.

Seeking People Who Do
Community Growth Marketing Web Design Web Development Writing / Copy