Viranchi Shah

Techpreneur, Bombay, India


OCD for customer feedback and product market fit, Tech Entrepreneur, Product Manager, Also an MBA- Marketing and a Code Learner. Want to build simple, intuitive products that fit the market need effectively and can then be scaled for a niche market.

I Do
Community Growth Product Management Writing / Copy


Open to new ideas and to join a tech team. A few simple ideas I have: 1) An app that asks me a few questions regularly and tells me about my mental health status- If I am feeling anxious, too stressed, having repetitive thoughts, etc..And thus helps me in coping with the same 2) A BNI (Business Networks International) network for the 21st Century using online video conferencing tools, gamification and community building to help small and medium businesses to connect with each other and benefit from each others skills and client referrals.

Seeking People Who Do
Android Development Mobile Design Web Design Web Development